About Sarah
Sarah is passionate about teaching and encouraging women to develop and share their beauty with the world. Sarah’s passion comes from her core values, gifts and talents, and her own story that brought her into the field of Christian Image Consulting.

Sarah’s Core Values and Purpose

We are all at our best when we operate out of our core values.  Those things that matter most to us. Here are Sarah’s core values:
                  ~Serve God
                  ~Grow Others
                  ~Be Me

Simple, yet powerful values to live by.  Sarah’s core purpose for doing what she does stems from those core values, and she conducts all of her services to reflect them in action.  Here’s Sarah’s core purpose:

The Core Purpose of Styled by Sarah is to improve the lives of women by helping them gain confidence in who God created them to be through the avenue of fashion and style.

Sarah’s Story

Everyone has a story of how they got to where they are today.  Here’s Sarah’s story:

“It all started like many God stories do.  I went to school, received my Master’s in Communication Disorders, and was working as a Speech/Language Pathologist.  I was doing what I thought I would be doing for the rest of my life. I married my husband Brian and decided to stay at home once our two boys were born.  

As my children grew older, I thought of going back to work in Speech/Language Pathology, but after trying it, I no longer felt passionate about the field.  I struggled with knowing what I wanted to do, and what my next step should be. ‘Great!’, I thought. ‘Now what?’

Then, while attending a women's conference, my girlfriend encouraged me to have my 'colors done'. "What is that?" I wondered aloud. She described her experience and the fun she was having with the color swatch set she received, and how she felt more confident.  It sounded interesting, so I signed up.

It just so happened that I received my Color Analysis from Shari Braendel, the Director of CICs (Christian Image Consultants), Founder of Fashion meets Faith, and author of “Help Me, Jesus!  I Have Nothing to Wear!” I loved the experience and how confident I felt and looked applying what I learned from her.

I purchased Shari’s book, and after reading it cover to cover I fell in love with the place where inner and outer beauty meet.  I was so eager to learn more, and felt a passion for something again. I wanted to sign up for a weekend makeover boot camp Shari was hosting, but it was in South Carolina and I had an unhealthy fear of flying. I settled for taking an online class instead.

But then, I began to realize the only thing holding me back from getting on an airplane and pursuing my dream was ME.  I asked myself: "What is bigger, my paralyzing fear, or my trust in God?" So, I decided to take a leap (or should I say flight?) of faith. I overcame my fear and saw God work, by helping me and leading me to that next step.

My faith got bigger and I took another step. It was clear to me now where my passion and gifting converged, so I got on a plane (again!) and became trained and certified as a Christian Image Consultant (CIC). Through the whole experience, I learned that God always has a plan, we just need to follow Him step by step to discover what it is.  

Today, as the owner of Purposely Fashioned, I have the privilege of using my gifts and passion to improve the lives of women by helping them gain confidence (worth, value, esteem) in who God created them to be through the avenue of fashion and style.

That is not the end of my story.  God is still leading me on the journey, and I’ll keep stepping out in faith to follow Him.  

How about YOU?  What's holding you back from taking your next step? Allow me the opportunity to teach and encourage you to develop and share your beauty with the world! You are uniquely created...purposely fashioned!”  
                                                                                                                                                                               -Sarah Bechard

Styled by Sarah Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Sarah’s clients have to say about their style experiences.

Style Services:

“I had an awesome consultation with Sarah today!  The beauty of what she does is to take who you are, just as you are, and show you simple, easy ways to make your strong areas show better.  I recommend that you take some time with Sarah, so you can show up looking like the best version of you.”

“I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who would like to feel more confident about their colors and wardrobe.  It’s very important to have mentors in your life, and now I have a personal style mentor.”

“It feels good to open my closet now and know these colors are right for me.  It’s not about the clothing we wear, but letting the clothing be a reflection of of who we were created to be.”

"Having wanted to do this for a while, I can say with absolute certainty that meeting with Sarah was so SO worth it! I have a better understanding of what colors work best with my hair, skin, and eyes, and it has already made shopping for clothes much easier. It no longer feels nearly as overwhelming to walk in to a store and try to decide what would look best on my body. Sarah is one of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and her knowledge base and kindness made me feel comfortable and confident, as I hope to feel going forward into the next stage of my life."

“I’m not the most confident shopper.  After shopping with Sarah I feel more confident in what I’m wearing and that helps me approach the rest of the day with confidence… being purposely fashioned!"  

"Sarah gave me a positive place to start. She taught me what colors worked best for me. She helped me understand my body shape and what styles to shop for. I loved spending time with Sarah. Her energy is contagious!! I am blessed to know Sarah and will be forever thankful for her and all she has done with me."

“I had Sarah present to my daughter and a group of her friends, ages 11 – 13. She covered a wide variety of material that included fashion tips, appropriate clothing for tweens, color swatches, healthy body image, and so much more! Most importantly, she taught the girls that they are a beautiful masterpiece created by a loving heavenly Father.  Sarah made the program fun, engaging and interactive.”

“Sarah is, in one word, AMAZING!  Not only did she help me look great for my son's wedding, but she helped me have fun doing it!  She made the whole 'mother of the groom outfit' decision stress-free. I don't like to shop, but Sarah made shopping fun, and she made me feel special and treasured by God!  Plus, I learned so much along the way about style.”

Speaking of Style:

“This was such a fun topic!  And I loved the way you framed it so it was positive and encouraging for all.”

“Thank you for the awesome presentation and for being strong enough in Christ to be vulnerable in front of the women.  Your message spoke to their hearts.”

“I loved your personal story.  I think it relates to so many people.  It’s empowering to hear, and makes me feel like I can do the same! ”